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I think it's time to lock this thread and put it down to a bad judgement call. In time, no-one will remember it ever existed.

One last thing before we put this to rest. Durant has such a high % inside the paint due to predominantly taking those shots on the break (i.e unguarded) You'll rarely see Durant take on a player in the paint.
Its kinda cowardly to call to lock a thread when I presented so many valid points to the topic and especially to many of you. I kinda lost a lot of respect for people here. The forum members here don't match up well with the classic posters from the past. The classic posters would actually acknowledge and credit to the new information they learned and not be embarrassed.

Its kinda better when new members just stay in the game thread because you guys really don't know how to handle yourselves when theres information that doesn't support your argument.

For example, check out this cool Carmelo stat:

Shots attempted with under 24 seconds left in 4th quarter or ot trailing by two or less in regular season and playoffs (from 00-01 season until now)

Carmelo Anthony - 51% (25 for 49)
Chris Paul - 41% (13 for 32)
Dirk Nowitzki - 36% (21 for 59)
Ray Allen - 35% (21 for 60)
LeBron James - 31% (21 for 68)
Vince carter - 30% (22 for 73)
Kobe Bryant - 30% (31 for 103)
Dwayne wade - 27% (15 for 56)
Joe Johnson - 26% (17 for 65)
Derrick Rose - 25% (8 for 32)
Kevin Durant - 24% (11 for 45)

Carmelo is in a class in his own.

I got information that supports both sides of the argument. Yet, you guys have this weak agenda that you won't let ago.

Learn to accept the facts instead of cry...and don't take my language as insulting, I'm simply just saying this because I'm left with nothing else.

and Durant is 6"10 with extremely long arms and skill...he can be as effective at the rim as any SF in the NBA, and his stats prove that and over Carmelo also. If you're trying to take that away from him with something you can't prove, then shame on you.

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Be a man and eat your crow Metro
I will eat nothing because you didn't cook anything.

Be a man and learn how to cook. You seem to be the fat guy at the table waiting for mommy to serve his plate.

Think for yourself, be critical minded, create your own ideas. This is how you separate yourself from the rest.


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Lmao is there an ignore feature on this site I can't read this guys post anymore, you gotta be a little mentally challenged or a little crazy like on some serious **** I'm not even trying make jokes here but it seems like theres something wrong with you and I don't wanna make fun of someone who has real issues.

But anyway you said I was a follower and had no mind of my own so I clearly gave you examples of me going against the majority and now you have nothing to say about that dumb baseless comment you would made, when you have no idea who I am I could be the most eccentric poster on this site in my private life. Just for the fact that I'm a damn Laker fan who also likes the Knicks and post on this site shows I do my own thing.

And your talking about emotional when your whole basis of disrespecting Melo is because of some stupid non basketball issues like you claiming he's a fake Rican and New Yorker. Come on now thats some female **** leave your personal emotions at the door and stop being biased the guys a beast and you seem to be the only one not realizing this you don't think at some point it's you and not everyone else. But being that your most likely crazy or retarded theses things probably go right over your head.

And good luck with your next lame ass unintelligent post spewing some stupid new personal attacks or bad points to down play Melo. Like someone else said about you in another thread your the village idiot here a matter a fact I'm dumbing myself down by continuing to talk to you, I apologize.
Probably the worst post in Knicksonline.com history.
Dude didn't even know where to start or finish.

To be honest, you guys suck.

I'll just debate this against myself.

"Carmelo's production is identical to Glen Robinson if you check the research"

"But Melo is so clutch, check out this video"

Be cool guys, you're lameness killed the thread. It could of been an all time classic thread, but no one has a strong argument to work with here....or has the balls to accept the information presented to them.

I support Carmelo Anthony because he's a Knick.
I am also a critical fan so I can't hide my honesty on how he's playing, whether is good or bad.

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I cant lie, Metro has his opinion on Melo just like we all have our opinions on everyone

I personally dont think Jeremy Lin is a good fit for the type of time we should be but I digress,

if Melo continues to play this way he has the last 9/10 games and we continue to win, Metro cannot say he is not a top 5 player, the next Glenn Robinson and soft..........BUT if he stops playing excellent D, scoring effectively and efficiently and continuing to make guys better then he has an argument

regardless of the fact we all our one fan base and we should all hope every player we have performs at the highest level possible and contributes to the team in a positive manner
Well even if Melo plays D and scores properly, he's not better than Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and Kevin Love. These guys are MVP candidates and too consistently good. Melo will be close to them, but not there yet.