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I'm just over your hate for Melo, you have you opinion I have mine why argue about it

I think Melo's top 5, IF he continues to play the way he has the last 2-3 weeks, you think is top 50 which is your opinion, my thing is why are you disregarding his great play as of late, why are you claiming having guys like Gerald Wallace, Danilo Gallinari, Paul George and Nicolas Batum is better than having an Elite Player in Carmelo Anthony

how is Blake Griffin flopping make him a good defensive player

who the hell cares about defensive rating, those fake stats these *******s make up are stupid as hell. PER is subjective

I'm just sayin this is all bull ****
I'm not hating. I'm discussing a topic, sharing and acquiring information with people in here. If you hate the discussion due to emotional attachment to another man, then you don't have to post in here. If you were actually reading, you would learn something here.

You're reminding me of when Bill Cosby was hating on Eddy Murphy's stand up comedy because he assumed all it involved was curse words. (Anyone remember that classic part from Eddy Murphy's RAW?) You assume this thread is just Melo hate. Start reading...and let the emotions go, you don't know Melo, and I don't know him. Having emotions for him is quite retarded. I just didn't like how Melo pussed out of playing for the PR national team, we would of still suck anyway so it was no biggie. I really have no legit hate for Melo and wish the best for his career in NY.

How am I disregarding Melo's ELITE play ? I've mentioned it numerous of times in this thread and in the game thread. I acknowledge when Melo does really good and when he does really bad. Why do you only acknowledge when I acknowledge when Melo does poor? Obviously you have an agenda here. No one is allowed to criticize Melo.

Now if I don't agree with you that Melo isn't the best fit in NY, then am I still a hater?

The problem with the Melosexuals, their logic is limited to one point. Its okay to be wrong or right, but its important to understand you can always be proven wrong. So the only guy in here full of his own **** is you, out of my concern with how close you are to Melo I wouldn't be surprised if you collect his own feces.

Carmelo isn't an elite player and never was.

Elite is top 10.

Melo is more 15-20. We went over this a lot of times, you're opinion is that Melo is top 5, but you've SAID NOTHING to prove any sense into that state.

Its vague.

Top 5 in what?


Shot difficulty?


I would agree, Melo is top 5 in those categories

But Carmelo is far for top 5 as an OVERALL player.

Thats why I ranked those guys as two way players who are also valuable.

I'm just trying to be fair here, be fair with you...so may you be fair with me?

I won't excessively hate on Melo as long as you stop excessively man loving him and being blind to the facts...why would I make stats up?

and if I present a STAT to you, you call it stupid.

How old are you? 17? 18?

Why don't you do something more constructive with your time than call a statistic "stupid"

How about you do some creative research and prove an argument on why its stupid?

That would be more interesting to read than what you just post.