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I dont believe you Jim but it doesnt matter either way. I learned a long time ago to never debate with you. When someone twists what you say and puts their own spins on other peoples arguments, theres no way anyone can win in your mind. Its almost like when your in a debate, you revise your opponents post to make the debate easier for you. Same thing some of these posters were doing in here. I (metrocard too) was arguing that Carmelo is not a top 15 player this year which includes 4 months of the season, not one month. And we were both factoring in defense too, many posters on here would ignore what we wrote and reply to us talking about offense only and the past month. Thats a prime example of what you always used to do, I just feel theres other posters more worthy of my time.

But if i see you post in a game thread something like "Nice play by Shump", i might reply and say I agree. Other then that, its nothing personal. Just business as always
And I don't usually don't debate you and the rest of the Starbury crew because you make no sense. First of all, six years is a long time to troll one board so maybe the fact I bother to post here at all is because I am a Knicks fan who just HAPPENS to live in Chicago. It does happen you know. I am a STL Cardinals fan as well and that goes over just like a fart in church here in the CHI as well. Speaking of the Cards, Puljols got off to his worst start in his 10 year Cardinal career last year. Did Cardinal Nation go up in arms and start talking s**t??? No because we knew it was only a matter of time. That is what being a KNOWLEDGEable fan is all about. Same goes for MELO. He got off to an explainable rough start now he is doing what he has always done throughout his ENTIRE NBA CAREER. Melo is the best closer in the NBA next to KOBE. That says something. That says all your top 15 lists are bogus if Melo isn't in the top five. NUFF SAID.