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for the real historians and basketball purists ill lay it out there very simply for you

Glenn Robinson was more Glen Rice
Glen Rice was a 3pt specialist.

Robinson more mid range oriented.

and Carmelo Anthony had a very talented squad in Denver, so we can put the fantasy assumptions to rest. He's not that kind of player if we're speaking on a LeBron level or Wade, or Kobe, Shaq, etc or even Steve Nash for example who impact on the game is far greater than Melo has ever been. Guy won two MVP's so theres no argument there.

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Problem is Metro, you underrate Melo because of some people's love of Melo. You're overly critical of him because some on the board overrate him. Melo is a monster. Plain & simple. He's had an off year due to the shorten season, multiple injuries he's been nursing, & a coach who had no clue had to run anything else but a pick n roll. Those factors alone explain why he played so bad this year. But as you see, ALL GREAT players find a way to get out of these slumps. And as DerekHarper posted above, we haven't even seen Melo's prime just yet.
Here is where you're struggling. You give the forum no real insight on this post.
I rated Melo fairly giving him credit to where credit due and pointing out whats also true...not really worth replying to this you were really better off just telling me you have a problem with me not overrating Melo.

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Melo a Tier 2 SF???? How does that even make sense when he's arguably top 2 or 3 overall at that position? DUDE, THAT MAKES NO SENSE.
He's not a MVP player.
To be MVP, it takes the entire season, you don't win it in one month. MVP is not rewarded to the best player in April.

Tier 1 is LeBron and Durant

Melo isn't on that level, you HOPE and DESIRE for him to be, but when you sit down and slap yourself in the face and take time to be honest with yourself, you would understand why Durant and LeBron rank higher and also without question rank in a different level ahead of Melo.

Anyone in here who would choose Melo over Durant and LeBron is obviously full of crap.