It's funny that Melosexuals will quickly try to mock someone if Melo sucks ass in a huge game and is the anti-clutch, point out that "it's only a game, fool, it's a small sample size".

And yet, it is they who take the initial lead in pointing out other players' as being supposedly "unclutch" to try to give Melo a mystique that makes him impervious to the type of critique that any other player would receive. Notably, Lebron, but it extends to almost anyone else in effort to give Melo this mystique. Imagine the situations of yesterdays game being reversed? Lebron putting up Melo's game, Melo putting up his, and the team scores begin reversed. What would the reactions be?

It's unfortunate I have to beef up a non-Knick, especially a MIA player, but this is the price that must be paid because Melosexuals running amuck with faulty opinions of this guy, which unfortunately go beyond just rooting for a goes to the heart of our franchise, and the chances of our franchise to be a true winner. Which is all i care about.

People talk about Lebron being unclutch, which is dumb, IMO -- especially given his age. He's also been extremely clutch; he's just played like an ass in a small sample size of games, that are cherry picked games of the playoffs from cherry picked series', too, which is easier to do to him since he gets through so many rounds of the playoffs...same for Kobe, eg.

Melo can certainly hit big shots -- but being a consistent, quality scorer *throughout* big games is just as important and "clutch", *if* you want to be a player who can actually carry a team (and I don't just mean get hot for some games), and get *to* the point where "big shots" will be needed to close out games/series'.

If you *aren't* that kinda player -- and Melo isn't, which is what METRO'S main point has always been here, to me anyway -- then that's can be a top 15ish player, and be there as a unique asset to have the scoring ability and ice in veins to finish off games. Fine! That's awesome. Arguably, Melo is maybe the best in the NBA in fulfilling this role. **whether Melo is able/willing to play that role is another question...judging by the **** that has gone down with STAT, LIN, D'antoni, and his DEN history....I question that, severely, but that's another topic**

But you aren't the type of player who can actually carry a team...the type of player where a franchise can truly build around you as if you are is death to a franchise's chances of being a true winner if you are treated like that...and someone who *can* fulfill that task must be recruited, *or* you need to build a winner without someone like that which is only possible if you don't act as if you already have that guy.

Wanna know why the Nugs didn't feel too bad about letting Melo go? It let them let go of this faulty idea, and franchise-commitment.