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I did a couple back in the day (6 years ago when I was a virgin...lol)

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That was a question that needed no answers.....great-thread we always had problems
putting-up the end of back to back game thread....luvin the bouncin boooties....
my wife been callin me a booty-man for 20 years.

How did we lose to a 4th quarter fatique Mavs team last night? when "STOPS"
was all we needed to WIN.
We were doing great with Jorts/Stat/Novak/Shump/Bdiddy at the start of the
4th quarter....all we had to do for the WIN was add Jefferies & Tyson to replace Jorts & Stat.
Two straight road games where Jared Jefferies was denied playingtime in the
4th quarter....I been saying for years that Jefferies is a player u give playingtime
to in the 2nd half of the game.

We had the Mavs game by using 11 players in our rotation compared to the
Mavs 9 player rotation who had to run with OKC the night before....Rick Carlisle
had to call two timeouts early in the 4th quarter which meant we had them
on their last legs.

Tyson Chandler, Jefferies, and Shump is our best defensive "TRIO"
that co-exist like champions on the defensive-end of the court.