Chandler is our MVP and not having him and Jeffries tonight really hurts us defensively. But this may be a blessing in disguise. It Means we will see Amare more in the pick and roll which he is barely doing cause Chandler is the main screener for Lin. Also, Stat will see more minutes at center, which will allow him to beat his defender off the dribble easier. A tighter 9 man rotation may help the guys reach a good flow faster and stay in tune longer. Fields off the bench is tough to gauge cause Novak and JR should be getting most of the minutes behind Melo and Shump.

I would like to go random with a Amare, Novak, Smith, Lin and BD look when Duncan is taking a breather, cause this IMO would yield surprising results on the plus side... Defenses are not scouting or preparing for such a combo.