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Totally agree.

The thing is that Knicks should've won the last 2 games. Leading by 3 at the end of 4th @Boston but couldn't walk away with a win hurts, and came all the way back up 1 and just then just simply disappeared sucks! We had the chance but came up short. I'm afraid that this would happen for the rest of the road trip.
As a few have noted, yes, it's nothing short of a disgrace to have a losing record, and after so far playing an easy schedule. And, would this team have a Nets type record if not for Lin's week or so magic getting a 7 game win streak.

Melo, Amare, Tyson, Lin, healthy Baron, J.R., Shump, Fields, etc., so how could any coach explain away a losing record with this talent.

I have to imagine Melo, Amare, Tyson are fed up with D'antoni's poor judgement & decisions.

If I was the coach I would swallow my pride and ask Clyde Frazier to work with Lin. The kid plays his heart out and as far as I can see gets no professional NBA level teaching.