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Once again you relate everything to two players, SMH. What does having subpar defending stars have to do with the ability to adjust??? They could easily be anyone on the court. The only difference is their league status.

You're basically saying if the star players don't defend then the coach can't adjust. So if it were just Fields or Lin that played bad defense would it make it any different? Your logic is confusing.

It is a team game, your arguing a hypothetical over a fact -

If stars aren't adjusting and playing hard defensively - then the team can't adjust. Coach can't adjust if the pieces on the floor aren't playing both sides of the ball - he can tell them and show them video but if they choose not to - his only option is to bench them ~ which isn't going to happen - they are being paid too much.

How do you not understand his logic? Fact 2 guys that are paid millions, and in the PAST been top players in the league are - having trouble playing defense and rebounding and supporting their teammates.