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    Angry Some peeps stay in a zone

    Originally Posted by Sprewell-Houston
    Wow, you guys are really on a mission.

    "D'Antoni rescues a child from a burning house, risks his life while doing so. 2 other children die in the house. Knicks Online users want a death sentence for D'Antoni, because 2 children died while he was present."

    Honestly you guys are fanatics when it comes to this man.

    Like the guys in Iran burning American flags, despite never meeting or talking to an American. Just blind hate.
    u need to stop listening to the Knicks commentators....and watch the Knicks game with the volume off.

    u are the only Blind eyes that didnt see 4 to 5 kids carrying a past-out from smoke Dantoni out of the burning building (Dantoni forgot his smoke mask)....while Breen, Clyde, and Tripuka blame the kids for starting the fire, while making Dantoni a hero for running into a burning building to save the kids.

    Do u know who George Johnson is? he was the headcoach of the Phoenix Suns who took Marbury, Joe Johnson, Marion, Stat, Penny, and Chambers, to the postseason to go six games in a series vs the Championship Spurs. It was Marbury selfishness that loss the last two games.

    Do u know what Mike Woodson & Joe Johnson did to a decade LOTTERY Atlanta Hawks team? they made the Atlanta Hawks a postseason team without a ledgit PG.

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    Default Stop blaming the players....FIRE Dantoni

    Having a roster of 12 players to only use the same 8 players per game in a rotation is absurb when the NBA league has been giving all 12 of their players playingtime within 3 games because of a tight hectic 66 game schedule.

    99% of all the Knicks wins this season has had only 8 players in the rotation.
    Recently the Knicks won a game using 10 players in a rotation vs the Cavs with 5 outstanding performances coming from the Knicks bench players.
    After that game Knicks-fans all over been talking "2nd Unit"....forgetting the career headcoach Dantoni's poor substitution with just 8 players in a rotation.

    The Knicks couldve used a few minutes of Toney Douglas defensive services vs Spurs Parker in the Knicks 3rd game in 4 days.
    The Knicks dont have a system or a game-plan performance, and the Knicks players are getting tired of so many of their teammates not getting any playingtime for the Knicks top players have refuse to create their own design play to score with their teammates....this is why the entire team-offense are "ISO" does this look toward our So-Call offensive-coach Dantoni???

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    Originally Posted by Real NY Baller
    LOL, TD is a better NBA PG than the coach was...

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    He needs to take his talents (or lack of) back to the Euro league. Maybe he'll have better success over there. Talk about being out of your league...haha
    Antoni wouldnt even come close to being a NBA player had he came up about 30 years later. I didnt know he sucked that much, i bet he was a horrible defender too

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