its so pathetic the level of defense that melo and amare play. its like since they've had chandler, they feel they can become even worse defenders cuz chandler is gonna clean up their mess. if they dont box out and keep jennings out the paint to some degree, i see another tony parker performance coming on.

there was a play 4th quarter in the loss to dallas. dirk is on the elbow and amare guarding him. dirk is about to go into his one leg fadeaways and now i agree that thats not blockable shot and pretty much unguardable especially if the defender is amare. but what i hate is this: as soon as dirk drops back goes into the shooting motion, amare turns around to try to get a rebound. doesnt try to contest the shot, or put up his arm, nothing! doesnt even wait for the ball to leave dirk's hand, he just turns around for the rebound and that only gives dirk even more time to set that shot up and of course he nails it!

i mean fine, you cant block his shot but play the defense to the full extent of the play, this is trivial bull**** we ask of him and he just doesnt get it. he just doesnt get how to play even remedial defense! SMMFH