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Melo does deserve a lot of blame. His defense has been pure crap. Same with Stat. I seriously think our team is better without them. It's pretty sad when you're hoping your top-2 paid stars get hurt so your team can get some wins. It's also obvious that MDA has no control over Stat/Melo. Any NBA coach would find ways to motivate his stars and hold them accountable for their bad play. But of course MDA does nothing as usual and Mr. "so-called" clutch Melo couldn't even hit a foul shot today and hasn't hit his shots for weeks now... And I haven't seen Stat hit a covered shot for weeks. All of Stats points are coming off of open lane dunks, as soon as he's covered he misses badly, that is if he doesn't fumble the ball beforehand. ugh.

I'm so tired of these crappy stars. I'd take 5 Tyson Chandlers, F these sorry ass offensive players (Stat/Melo) who play NO defense but want the ball in their hands everytime up the court. They kill us on both sides of the court and I'd be happy if they were both gone. They can take D'Antoni with em.

Agree. Nice post!

I also think Jeremy Lin needed to be a key scorer in the game. His shooting is much more consistent and efficient in that game. He had established a solid rhythm and was feeling it ---- instead of forcing it with Carmelo.