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    Default Alright, so who actually knows the technicalities of coaching here?

    I think it's safe to say a lot of posters here, including me, know common sense stuff about coaching, even if you never played on a basketball team nor coached. What I want to hear is opinions of people who DO know the technicalities of coaching and who would be the best for our team. Which coaches do you think is great who is not under contract? Explain why for each coach. Don't just tell me because he won rings or whatever.

    Phil Jackson?

    Jerry Sloan?

    Hubie Brown?

    Jeff Van Gundy?

    Rick Pitino?


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    I would say Phil Jackson because he's never had a legit point guard and his system, goes through his best players and everyone else filling in their roles and understanding their roles.

    He wouldn't let Fields and Lin play 2 on 5

    He would use Melo/STAT like Kobe/Gasol or even Melo/JR like Jordan/Pippen

    He would bring out the best in all our players because he 1. holds guys accountable and 2. they will listen to him and do what he says

    He's the best coach at half time adjustments, can control egos and can make most guys look good

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    I probably know more about Football than I know about basketball. Like you said, I know a few basic things about coaching in basketball, but I'm certainly not an expert by any means.

    I'd say Phil Jackson is probably the best suited out of the guys you mentioned, because his Laker rosters in 2008 and 2009 were somewhat quite similar to the roster we have in New York right now. Several star players, a weak defender at the starting PF spot (Gasol <-> Amar'e), a tall and physical center (Bynum <-> Chandler), a strong bench with several impact players on it (Ariza, Farmar, Brown, Odom, Walton <-> Smith, Novak, Jeffries, Davis, Fields/Shumpert). And he's played in New York and doesn't have to prove anything to anybody (Won't let the pressure get to him or his players).

    So in theory he should be the best coach for our current roster. If he can't lead this wildly assembled roster to victory - probably nobody can.

    Jerry Sloan: Great coach, bt relies on the PF-PG pick and roll very much. Which role would Melo play in his system and can he deal with a weak interior defender like STAT? Also unproven in a big market, Salt Lake City is a different cup of tea.

    Hubie Brown: Probably too old and too much of a father or grandfather-figure. He'll give the players great advice and try to get the best out of them, but the situation might be too much for him to handle at well over 70 years old.

    JVG: Dolan won't ever sign him again. He'd be the second best candidate after Jackson imo. Only negative on his CV is the fact that he was a one-and-out. The 99 Finals were followed by 2 frustrating playoff exits afterwards, despite a good roster.

    Pitino: I'd give him a month before he'd be gone. Massive clash of egos with Melo and probably STAT. Too emotional for the NY spotlight. Been here - didn't work.

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    Since we are on the topic of HOF Coachs why not add Lenny Wilkins and Larry Brown to the mix.

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