Knicks are soon sending out the relocation assignments for next season's phase II renovated upper bowl.
In case you missed it, here's the new seating chart from the RANGERS:

The Knicks haven't released prices yet. I'm in 409 and looking to find out where I end up.
Some Rangers STH in 409 have ended up in the West Balcony.
Here's my best guess as to where prices will end up:

West Balcony: $75
400 Back Rows: $10
400 Middle Rows: $49
400 Front Row: $65
200 Corner/Ends Upper: $60
200 Corner/Ends Lower: $79
200 Corner/Ends Front Row: $135
200 Center Upper: $73
200 Center Lower: $93
200 Center Front Row: $160

Whatever you may think the prices end up at, it's not going to be cheap!