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I personally do not like the first row of the current 300 section. The view of the court is obstructed with all the people walking by. Yes, there is more legroom, but it's not worth the additional cost.

So, what is the equivalent in the new seating arrangement of the current 200 section? Anyone know this? Reason I ask, is because I put in a request for the current 200 section middle and want to know what the new cost will be.
The new row one overhangs new lower level suites. Nobody can walk in front of you, there's no comparison. The new 300 center are now called sections 223, 224, 225 (TV side view) and 210, 211, 212 (opposite side). The full season ticket prices are now:

ROW 1: $150 (was $83)
ROW 2: $110 (was $83)
ROWS 3-14: $95 (was $83)