Wow, my section 329 row A, 2 seats right on the aisle have gone up a ton. Luckily I have the prices on file so I can see just how bad it is:

2007-2011: $2,489 per seat for the full season (incl. preseason)
2011-2012: $2,772 per seat adjusted up to a full schedule, 33 games to 44 (incl. preseason) (11% increase)
2012-2013: $3,608 per seat (30% increase), now in the SECOND row not the first and no longer on the aisle.... Section "214". Hmmmm......

Face value on the first row for this section is $110 -- not sure what that will be discounted but still, people in this area are really getting raked over the coals. So I'm: 1) higher up due to the new configuration thanks to the ring of luxury boxes; 2) at least one row back; 3) no longer on the aisle; and 4) paying 30% more for it.