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Forget the regular K-List for next year. I spoke with the account manager and put in my deposit 2 months ago and was told I wouldn't get tickets for next season. There are two seperate list. K-List and the VIP List which is for people who pay up $450 per seat for season tickets to the NY Liberty. They get first dibs. I assume that list is short so they should fill up the majority of the available seats next season and maybe a little bit of the K List. Best case senario for me will probably be a 3 year wait.
That's crazy man, I remember just 2 years ago you couldn't PAY someone to take your tickets to many games. There were so many times I stood outside the garden trying to get a scalper to buy my 400s off me for $20 for the pair and if I didn't get laughed at with the guy walking away, the best offer was $5. There was no waiting list, anyone could buy season tickets to almost every section except in the 400's. You could buy them right off the website. Eventually you had to call in, and now you have to get on a waiting list.

I don't think that $450 seat at the Liberty is worth the cost to get on that list, unless you're a big women's basketball fan. When you get your call, the only available seats will probably be the $100++ in the lower bowl and near the price breaks.