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And somehow those bandwagoners have infinite bank accounts who are willing to pay over $150 for 400 level seats in the regular season. Mind you, I've never met any of them before so they're just a rumor to me. Whenever I tried to sell my tickets on Craigslist at or below the lowest stubhub price, I never got a single response except for a bunch of "i'm a poor college student" / "I have 4 kids to feed" lowball offers.
its probably the corporate bigwigs who treat there clients to Knicks games who buy the high priced tickets. when the Knicks are hottest ticket in town, what better place then the Garden to see some excitement and talk business at the same time, everyone leaves happy and they might talk a good deal. but when the Knicks are bad, the crowd booing, is this where you want to meet a client under such negative atmosphere? remember the guy whose wife spent over 40,000$ for Lin's jersey vs Lakers? we cant compete with them.