1 - Take charge of this team again, take the ball and do your thing. You decide who gets the ball. Prove to yourself and the league you are a real quality PG.

Melo is richer. He can push D'Antoni more to bury him back to Jlin's warm bench

2 - Dare the coach to make you give it up to Melo, tell him you are the point guard. The Garden fans and NY media will back you up on this.

if a team can't even compromise, then they go to hell automatically

3 - If someone like J. Kidd hammers you, go right back at him on offense, show him he is not young anymore. Otherwise the league will drive you to the bench and back to the D league.

simply do what he can do, play without emotion is almost the best way, let logics run the course

4 - Tell Stat & Melo you are getting double teamed, hammered, almost like there is a price on your head, if they don't have your back then their asses will not get the ball from you. Give it up to Jeffries who has your back.

Sometimes the angles are horrible for Lin. so if he could kick out, it is already a blessing
5 - You will be a free agent, so make yourself as valuable as possible. That's how Stat, Melo, etc. players around the league got their money.[/QUOTE]

a Restricted free agent. He probably will get bought by Knicks, because unless the Knicks mgmt is composed of literally idiots and negative marketing experts who see no business value nor player value over JLin.