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    Default Lin frustrated with Glenn "Jello" Robinson and Whackimire

    How can you coach this?
    Soft overpaid one dimensional want-to-be superstars who can't even rank up in the top 30.

    When you give up 17 offensive rebounds and get out rebounded the whole game, don't expect to win. Also Lin's man defense is not the best and he will get beat by top guards just like everyone else does, particularly if there is no help defense. He has GREAT defensive instincts otherwise however; Ginobili like, moves into the right spots and gets a lot of steals (2.4 since the first Nets game I believe, would be 2nd in the league). In this possession he defended about as well as you could possibly hope for, but Whack and Jello are liabilities on D. At least someone on the team wants to be a leader and win...thats def not Jello and Whack.

    Imagine if the Knicks never traded for Melo

    Glen Robinson/Whackimire. The most pathetic "superstar" duo in the history of the NBA. 
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