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    Actually, I think there is currently no other coach in the NBA who is supposed to be better suited for this roster than MDA. Melo, Amar'e, and JR are big time scorers who can light it up for 30 any night. The team is loaded from positions 1 to 5 and Melo, Amar'e, JR, Lin, Novak, Chandler, Fields, and Shumpert can explode for at least 25 any given night.

    It's not MDA's fault that both of his star players are struggling because he's put them in position to score based on where they like to get it on the floor. Honestly, STAT & Melo have been getting the same looks that they have in the past, but suddenly they can't deliver. They are actually getting better looks this season compared to last year after the Melo-trade where they averaged 25 ppg each.

    To MDA's defense, it is mostly STAT & Melo's fault for the recent struggles. When they were out, we get a 7-game winning streak without an established superstar in the league with MDA's coaching (which was superb during that stretch aside from the 8-man rotation). He was getting former scrubs Lin, JJ, Novak into playing high quality basketball on BOTH ends of the floor.

    With that said, if ever MDA gets fired, I'd like Jerry Sloan to replace him. he's basically MDA with his team-based, free flowing offense that thrives on Pick and Roll basketball (i.e. Stockton to Malone, Dwill-Boozer) which should be perfect for Amar'e and Lin/Baron. The aspect of Sloan's coaching that makes him a sure fire Hall of Famer and better overall coach than MDA is that he demands toop-notch defensive effort from everyone on the team and he makes everyone accountable. He's not afraid to confront stars when he thinks that they're nut performing up to standards (Just ask Dwill, lol)

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    No question Van Gundy was the best Knicks coach next to Pat Riley, in my life time. But the league was different back then. Like all coaches, Jeff will need to make adjustments and play a faster style then he has historically.

    To me the chances of bringing Van Gundy back are as good as getting Phil Jackson, meaning it aint going to happen. I honestly hope this team makes the playoffs and gets out of the 1st round. Starting over is an admission of failure and will only set this team back.

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    If we all donate our life-savings and buy MSG then we can have Jeff back.

    Or we could just kill Jimmy Dolan. Either way works for me...
    Will we ever win a championship again? Id like to think so!

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