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    Default Knicks never should have signed JR Smith

    Friday tweeted a photo of a partially naked woman in a bed in his hotel room.

    After last night’s 119-114 loss, a Knicks official conferred with Smith before he met with a small group of writers.

    “I didn’t know it would turn into a big deal,’’ Smith said of the photo. “I definitely regret it. Whenever it takes away from our team, I regret it. It wasn’t the smartest move.”

    Asked if he had spoken to the NBA, Smith said, “Not yet. I’m sure I will.’’
    A Knicks spokesman declined to comment. The Knicks signed Smith 2 weeks ago with fears about his reputation as a character negatively effecting the locker room.

    Smith is noticeable in the locker room after losses for being in jovial, joking moods. He loudly sang a rap song after the Boston heartbreaker.

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