For those who dont know the Knicks are suppose to be at the top of the Atlantic Division as a 3rd or 4th seeded team in the Eastern Conference.....was Dantoni suppose to be FIRED before the Super Bowl? HELL-YEAH!

The 76ers (Brand & Iggy) started their pre-training-camp in late August with 13 of the players on their become the Atlantic Division leaders.

Being the leader of a Division applies team-defense-tactics....Jefferies has steped up his talent to be the Knicks best DEFENSIVE team leader....u put Jefferies in a lineup with Tyson Chandler all of a sudden Chandler knows where he belongs on every defensive play....u throw rookie Shumpert into that lineup automatically Shump is comfortable playing the passing-lane and peremeter defense alongside of Jefferies....u add Lin-Sanity & Novak into the lineup and Lin speeds up the transition on offense and become pesky on defensive-end like he did in Harvard. Landry Fields started feellin the lineup to where he gell right into the mix of things to backup Jefferies or Shump.

The trio lineup of "Lin, Shump, Fields" were suppose to keep getting playingtime together to gather more confidence in each other as a help-defensive backcourt (after the return of Stat/Melo)....the trio lineup shouldve been kept together to build and improve their backcourt chemistry with different front court players. The trio backcourt lineup with Jefferies/Tyson shouldve been put on the court in the final minute of regulation in Boston, the final 8 minutes in Dallas, the trio-backcourt shouldve receive alot of minutes together in San Antonio to steal some of coach Pop offense/defense plays, and this trio backcourt lineup shouldve beat the Bucks in Milwaukie by 10 to 15 points....Shump only receiving 5 minutes vs a Bucks team that has been struggling to score 95 points per game when Jennings have a decent defender on him throughout the 2nd half.....showed someone didnt read the Bucks scouting report before the game.

Dont blame the players....FIRE Dantoni
to b continued.....