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Okay, as I mentioned on one of the other threads, I'm new to basketball
because of Jeremy Lin.

Under the circumstances, I don't think it's reasonable to think the Knicks
will suddenly become an overnight sensation as a team. Yes, Lin pulled
that off in the beginning, but that was media hype. I'm still a fan of his,
I can't deny it.

However, I don't think it's all Melo's fault, or anyone in particular. They
need to practice as a team, learn to play as a team. AND, play more
defensively. They need to be under the basket when someone misses
a shot.

I can't blame the coach 100%. EXCEPT for the lack of defense, and I don't
think that has anything to do with Lin. I suspect the Knicks never had
defense. And, THAT I can't understand.

The Knicks 5 game losing streak has nothing to do with Lin's performance....
but it does have 100% to do with the headcoach poor coaching, substitution,
and player to coach relation.