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I am tired of this lack of leadership talk. Leadership wasn't the reason the coach didn't tell his team to defensively adjust to Lou Williams being hot and start doubling him on the perimeter. Bad coaching caused that. Leadership isn't the reason the Knicks don't have a Zone defense down to slow guys like turner down (Woodson shares the blame for that). Leadership isn't the reason the Knicks haven't been winning. Bad coaching is the reason the Knicks have been losing.

Player-Leadership plays 90% (Jefferies & Tyson already prove this)

Stat & Melo leadership will show up the day Mike Dantoni is FIRED.
All of the Knicks players know Tyson, Stat, and Melo are tied to the Knicks for the
next 4 seasons, so complimenting Stat & Melo leadership will get the two supstars
to get Dolan to sweeten up their contracts....Stat & Melo being force to run "ISO"
plays from the start of the season showed Dantoni did not do his homework over
the offseason-lockout by creating a plan or scheme for the two superstars in a
halfcourt offense/defense.
Its ashame to watch the Knicks on offense having two super high scorers u
have to double, or watch on defense having a 7.0 paint stopper Tyson Chandler.