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I come back after a mini-losing streak and look at the forums and it's complete chaos.

Melo is a Glen Robinson cancer!

Amare is a busted Kneed old man

The Knicks are better without Tyson Chandler!

Lin is a scared yellow boy!

We should start Douglas!

What in the **** is wrong with you all?!? Don't you know that a team needs chemistry?!? No preseason, injuries all throughout the regular season, adding pieces like JR Smith who haven't played NBA basketball in a year, having a PG who's essentially a rookie, meshing two stars who haven't had much playing time together, it takes TIME!

Look at the best teams in the NBA right now. Chicago, OKC, San Antonio, all very talented teams BUT all of those teams have been playing together for years! All of those teams cores have been together for at least 3-4 years each! And you guys are mad that a team you really put together like 3 weeks ago isn't dominating the league??!! What the **** is wrong with you?!?! You impatient ****s!!!! You know Sonics fans in Seattle who are stuck with just a WNBA team would kill to watch the Hornets run their season into the ground right now? Let alone watch a championship level team develop?!? Have some ****ing patience!!! Calm the **** down!!!!!!
JR Smith played basketball in China. It isn't like he has been serving Big Macs at McDonalds for the past year. Second, you seem like you need to step away from the keyboard and take a big breath.