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its because no one wants to admit mike sucks so they passive aggressively make excuses for him. I saw this on another board but its true.

Mike Dantoni didn't have stars, so we brought them in.
Mike Dantoni didn't have defensive players, so we brought them in.
Mike Dantoni didn't have a point guard, so we got one.
Mike Dantoni didn't have depth, so brought some in.
Mike Dantoni has failed miserably with this team.
Fire Dantoni.

also Chicago had to get a new coach before they became the powerhouse they are now.
Exactly I'd say prob like 75% of the issues is the coach, his lack of leadership, accountability, system that does not mesh with the personnel, I don't feel like anyone but Lin even respects him on the team, he's terrible at drawing up plays and making in game adjustments he just sucks.

It's easier for ppl to blame the players on the court because they can see Melo is missing, or Amare, or Lin. But when you really watch and analyze the game and break down the situations this coach puts them in it's not conducive to who most of these guys are. He needs to go and everyone in NY should be praying to every deity that Phil Jackson or something comes in.