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2.repetition of action or pattern anticipating a different outcome

You know what Isiah's biggest downfall was?

He thought like a fan! He did not know how to seperate the emotions of losing and his judgment.

He traded expiring contracts to try to stimulate the roster, used full MLEs just for the sake of making some sort of roster move and even firing coaches mid season or after just a single season was Isiah's motto and has become the theme of our site in the past week.

Turnover Prone
Not the ones BD and Lin have been throwing, the ones that result in us constantly make roster shakeups in coaching hires, The Knicks lead the league in TO's on the court but to use a Clyde word are just as "adept" at roster turnovers!

Walsh's Wisdom

Donnie Walsh said it best "how often you make a player available is part of what diminishes their trade value" I think of this quote when I read these post about trading Amare and Melo for nothing. Too bad Donnie became a victim of the high turnover curse of our franchise

The Philosophy of Isiah and The Knick fan are one!
Here is an example....Trevor Ariza and Channing Frye had high value at one time (believe it or not) Isiah dismissed any trade for them during their peak times but both made available often when they hit a slump! They are both throw in players as oppossed to centerpieces, Both go on to produce better numbers the following season after being traded from The Knicks

Ok, so what you may be saying, "neither is more than a role player"(albeit both played a significant role in the 2009 West Finals) so why bring it up, its because again we are talking about trading 2 of the leagues best playes in Stat and Melo due to off seasons!

Hustle Players are absolutley needed but so are skilled players!

Melo is getting killed for his bad shooting and Amare for his scoring being down but there are some of you who loved Spree and he never scored more than 17 ppg for us or shot better than 42%. The difference you would all say is that Spree played with so much heart and did Jerome Williams and Renaldo Balkman but when they were foundational pieces for our team players like Melo and Stat appeared to be just a pipe dream, now we have them and we want Javel McGee and Matt Barnes instead!

Point simply can't trade your way out of a bad run, you can''t continue to bring in new coaches, the same results will continue to happen!
At some point you have to stop tweeking the roster, you have to give guys in the locker room a sense a stability if you want this to work.

With Isiah coaches were always on the hot seat, players were always hearing trade rumors, it has an effect no matter how guys try to say it does not!

Let's think of how many us believed that we were better without Pat! He is disrespectfully shipped out and our team started a perpetual decline.

Is Melo or Stat on the same level as Pat, no, but what we should have learned from the Ewing trade is that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence!

Logical Alternatives?
Look the fact remains that Melo Stat and Chandler is still the best frontcourt in the league but we are hollering break it up, for what? Some more expiring deals so we can spend seasons waiting for July to roll around!

or trade Melo for a Shane Battier type only to wonder why our halfcourt game looks like the Don Cheany coached Knicks teams!

Fire Dantoni just to have Phil Jackson reject us (again) and for some poor coaches reputation get tarnished like Lenny Wilkens and Larry Brown who's worst performance and shortest tenures came at the hands of The Knicks!

Look we should not take losing easy, some of us invest too much time and money on this team to just accept losing but the answers you guys have to fixing "problems" (such as the unimaginable players slumping and lack of cohesion) is to trade and fire which only further disrupts the team!

Look at the Suns, what have they been doing for the past 3 seasons, firing and trading and they are a not even a shell of what they were years ago! Now just imagine if they had Stat,Nash,Marion,Diaw,Barbosa,Raja Bell and yes Mike Dantoni together for even 3 more years there is no way they would not have won a title!

Look at San Antonio, powerhouse year in and out, sure they make moves each year, but the core remains intact and has for just about Duncan's whole career, Pop is never worried about his job even in the years they are bounced out of the playoffs in the first round! It results in a team who could potentially win it every year, they are the Patriots of The NBA (most disgusting thing I have ever said as a Jets Fan!)

With Isiah we knew one thing for certain, he was going to make a move or at the very least was working on one, we saw how it worked out in the end! He said himself that he shouldve let it come together more slowly, hopefully Knick managment knows this now and we have to wisdom to respect it!
Stop the moves and let it come together