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    Breaking News Melo's DEFENSE PROBLEM.. Analysis with pictures in game situations.

    Knicks Defense breakdown + HOW Dual-PG helps Knicks to increase offense efficiency

    If you're interested, you can compare the current Knicks offense to the offense without Anthony and Stats, featured in
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    It is disgusting to download all the knicks game videos for the losing streak, and then sit there trying to pick on the players, when they are beautiful, offensively…. And then the pictures were gone. So I sat down and looked at the videos again and tried to crop one more time…and I mainly used the game vs. Bucks, just to show how low they’re on Defense. I also have some photos cropped from vs. Spurs. All the scenarios are from Perimeter offense/defense, no fast breaks. When there’re fast breaks, it’s harder for defense and easier on offense. So then we shouldn’t blame players for bad defense.
    Amar’e doesn’t really contest shots. Horrible assistance off pick-n-roll offenses on PG.
    ‘Melo is illiterate in the field of defense. He would yell at people to cover a man, and he himself can be covering the.. who?
    Jeremy Lin’s efforts on defense can be fairly well observed. He works hard, but he is disadvantaged to some extent. He allows too many 3pointers on his defender, and he is not good with defense when they do a deep penetration and get back out on their feet.

    Player: Harrellson, Lin, Davis, ‘melo and Fields.

    Davis runs a pick n’ roll with Harrellson. Lin is on the top. Fields is at baseline, and Melo sits at 45degrees between fields & Lin. In reality, Melo acting a 4 should be around the opposite baseline corner (if Melo was replaced with Novak). While Davis made a 45degree cut towards basket, Harrellson makes a straight line cut (parallel with the bench sideline), and then does a perpendicular switch layup.
    If Davis was blocked by 2 defenders, he can kickout to the extra man (Harrellson). Harrellson could shoot a 3, or give it to Lin. Lin has the option to give it to fields for 3/baseline drive basket, or baseline drive and kickout for opposite side 3.
    Melo stayed there on the picture, because that’s his place for ISO-Melo…

    SCENARIO 2. Vs Spurs.

    Jeremy Lin (on Parker) gets blocked by a Pick from Duncan. Amar’e should at least slow down Parker, but he didn’t. Fields couldn’t assist, because it would open a 3pt opportunity. And Parker just drives straight down for a streamline layup. Just like Jeremy Lin’s dunk over Washington Wizards. Same act….. except Tony didn’t dunk…


    Jeremy Lin helps his buddy fields for a penetration. He left his Brandon Jennings open, though. Drains a 3. He sees him, but his feet are too into the paint.

    Scenario 5

    Melo forgets his assignment is Dunleavy. Dunleavy gets the ball, and then start running inside the paint. Melo is like oh shoot, but his footsteps are behind him. Landry Fields tries to stop him, and then Delfino gets open, who is really Fields’ only assignment. See how Melo causes shifts in defense, and then Bucks get open man??

    Scenario 6

    Melo doesn’t know his assignment this time. He doesn’t even know who should he defend. To be nice, he defends with Jeremy Lin. Jenning, though, sees this happily. He rotates from the side to the top, passes once, and passes twice. 3 ball from the baseline.
    When we have melo, simply we don’t know how to work on defense. I don’t think Jeremy Lin wants to be in a team without defense, because he knows he is not the best defender in the market, although he’s average-leveled. And without Defense, Melo will leave, Stats will leave, Lin could leave, and D’Antoni probably is having his coach seat on fire again if he doesn’t start linning again.

    Offensively, since the big 3 (JR/Melo/Amare) came back, the offensive lineup has been pretty boring! Nobody actually rotates around the 3point line, because they're all really rich. While Lin/Davis acts as the main ball distributor, these guys actually wanted the ball a bit too much. NOT to say that they should never pose up for the ball, but when they might not get the ball, they still want it too much!

    JR: Doesn't want to rotate around, the only unselfish highlights are from his penetration to kickouts. Maybe he should be PG?! Oh that'd be hell for Knicks.
    Melo: if he doesn't want to stay on baseline, but he wants to attack, he just sits by the foul-line range, and pose up. Lin can't penetrate, because Melo's defender is right there to help blocking him up.
    Amare: He forgets to do screens. sometimes he does a fake screen, leaving Lin in the 2-man prison until he might be able to kick out. sometimes he does get the kickout from Lin, but sometimes, it makes Lin harder to penetrate, while he has two sets of feet in front of his face.

    What the Knicks need are solid 3pt shooters, mid-level Star SG/SF, like Iguodala/Ginobili. They're not necessarilly ball hogs, but they can step up and create those chances with a pick/their physical talent, and they don't really settle for a stupid 3pt shot at the spur of moment. Iguodala is a solid wing defender, who can work with Shumpert to lock out the best SG SFs in the league. Why do we need an 20-pt Melo, who doesn't know how to defend? Maybe that's why he dropped out of 'Cuse for Draft?! I don't know if I am kidding.
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    Dang. You really love the Knicks.

    It takes 5 to play team defense. You rotate to help out but you need your teammates to rotate to cover your man. New York Knicks do not play good team defense.

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    Someone give this man a job on the Knicks coaching staff. +1

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