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i wouldn't have to tell u how f*cking terrible he is if you just watched the games
I did watch the game.

Melo does take bone headed shots but he has a knack for making them in clutch. His clutch ability since he came into the league is well documented. I rather have him taking that shot over 98% of the league.

However, I am not content with his performance over the first three quarters, and as a whole this season. He absolutely needs to buy into the system if we ever want to be successful. He doesn't need 20 shot attempts every game, he just needs to be efficient. He's shown flashes of it, especially in the Cavs game right before the All Star break. Look at how Pierce transformed his career. Pierce was known as a scorer who only made it to the ECF ONCE prior to the big 3. Sound familiar? His career at Melo's age is very similar to where Melo is now. Melo needs to learn from Pierce and look at what Pierce has done to change his game since 2008.

I'm not happy with Melo but I'm not giving up hope. Calling for a trade won't make things better, and it isn't happening. For at least the remainder of the season, this is our team, whether we like it or not. It has promise, it always has, and has so far been a disappointment. 24 games left, let's see what happens.

Would you rather have the ball in Landry's hands, who can barely, if ever, buy a jumpshot?

I would be ok with Novak off a screen but he wasn't even in the damn game. The Jeremy drive...ehhhh. But not Landry. I don't trust Landry.