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    in this league, star players have more shadows over coaches, unless the coaches are like Jerry Sloan or Phil Jackson, who has champ rings or tough policies.

    D'Antoni knows the Melo/Stat problem and it's why they, not Lin, were benched vs. Philadelphia for the last quarter. He is just not strong enough to speak up. Dolan did the Melo trade, which means he either likes Melo or has deals with Melo. D'Antoni speaking against Melo will sure bring assurance for D'Antoni to lose his job.

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    haha i didn't think I would fake out so many.

    When I opened this I felt some relief for a second just thinking about this being true and opening the thread saying Mike D is packing his bags.

    I hope it happens before the playoffs
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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    That was pure evil!

    On the other hand, maybe if we keep saying it happened, it will happen.

    "The Secret" in action!

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