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    Wargames I could not agree more.

    It's Phil ****ing Jackson. The man has won 11 titles as a coach. I would not take lightly his wife saying stuff like that, and I would not take lightly the fact he was drafted by the Knicks, played over a decade there, & was a fan favorite. His accomplishments as a coach are already ridiculous. But can you imagine the heights his legacy would reach if he were to return and win a title with the Knicks, a 3rd different team? His popularity in NYC and basketball circles everywhere would ****ing explode.

    Plus he's "only" 66. I say only because plenty of coaches have still coached older than that. Jackson also claimed he was quitting coaching forever after the Bulls. Obviously that did not happen. If he wants to do it this would be an absolute no-brainer for the Knicks FO. A guy who has coached star talent to titles with two teams, a current team with star talent but struggling, a return to the team he started with.

    I couldn't see him taking over mid season though, I think if it happened it'd probably have to be next season.
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