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Last time I'm going to say this. We lost because of rebounds - Bulls had more than double our rebounds. Amare had 3 rebounds for the entire game. Melo was walking, standing, and watching instead of rebounding. The rest of the team also had issues rebounding including Landry Fields. Melo did show ability to hustle here and there but he wasn't able to sustain that level of focus and determination THROUGHOUT play.

Taj Gibson off the Bench : had buckets of rebounds and points.
Yes, but last game we lost because of something else, and the game before something else, and then Melo was shooting like crap and then STAT couldn't hit the side of a barn door and then Lin turned it over too much and then we lacked Tyson and then Jeffries and before all of that it was because we had no point guard.

There's enough excuses to fill a warehouse with this team, but never have I seen such apathetic coaching go by unchallenged. I think anyone in any sport with this kind of record vs talent would be getting fired and MDA's time is over. Simple.