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Who's fault? The coach.

He would rather turn Lin into a Nash (it will never happen) then to play to the obvious strenghts he already has at his disposal. He has players he/I/we/everyone freaking knows will not fit his flawed system, but he still tries to make it work because he doesn't know how to coach talent. He only knows how to play BBall thru the pg position and can't even do that well because he was a scrub PG himself. What part of this is hard to understand?

Some people here show they are scrubs, or know little about the game when they support this fake coach over real talent....especially when they become aware of these simple facts.

I mean...Is people even watching the freaking games? As long as this unrespected coach stays the knicks and the fans will suffer. Has all this loosing over the years numbed our common sense? Or maybe some fans are just used to being a loser...I'm most certainly not.
I know right?

I've come to the conclusion that there's a lot of folks on here who don't really know basketball.

I see some people regurgitating the same stuff you hear in the media, I responded to one dude who said Melo is shooting poorly from the free throw line....at 81%, I dunno what's going on around here anymore.

Lots of people want to be involved in the convo, very few actually have anything to say.

Might sound elitist, or ****ed up, or whatever, but it's true.

I saw one dude lambasting Melo because he doesn't distribute enough ass slaps on the court to his teammates.

This **** is outta control.