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You think if MDA played to Melo's strengths he'd go 8-21 from the field?
Yes. A coach cannot force a player to perform poorly. Al Harrington and David Lee played well under Antoni's crappy system, and so did Stoudemire last year. Melo averaged 26 points on over 45% shooting under coach Antoni last season, and it was his first year playing under the Antoni system.

Excuses are for the weak. Melo's making 20 million dollars a year. He has to learn how to pass the ball and not settle for 3 pointers. Melo was great at driving to the basket and making mid-range jumpers AS A KNICK last year. So what happened THIS YEAR?

My theory is that JELLO just got past his prime faster than most players. It happened to Elton Brand, Baron Davis, Steve Francis, Tracy McGrady, and now the Puerto Rican Tembleque.