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    Default Would MDA be able to push his system on the Heat?

    I mean Chalmers, Cole, Anthony and Haslem shooting any time they wanted, even 3 pointers. Turning Haslem and Anthony into 3 point shooters. Wade getting no looks for an entire quarter, or Bron for that matter. I think there would be a problem in Miami...

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    Lebron and Wade are so talented they could adapt to any system. Mike D'antoni wouldn't even need to do much coaching throughout the game since he would have the two most dominating players in the league.
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    Ill say it again: Antoni and Atari should both give at least 50% of their paychecks to Nash. I mean lets be real here, Nash is the real genius. He's grandpa status but still very good on offense

    SMH @ Lebron and Wade jackin up 3's with Antoni as their coach

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