There are articles of this from Howard Beck, Chris Broussard, RealGM, and reports from Stephen A, but I like this article by Frank Isola who broke the news best. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

The locker room has turned against Mike D'Antoni and some sources in the organization believe he is trying to use Carmelo as a scapegoat.

Isola talks about the time D'Antoni denied the report that Melo told him to out Lin in even though Lin and Carmelo both confirmed the report among other examples of Mike not protecting Carmelo.

He brought up a story about how the entire team was trashing Mike D'Antoni and Carmelo refused to join in and was silent the whole time.

Mike D'Antoni needs to be fired. He's a coward who can't coach or utilize the talent of his star players and he's a piece of **** for using Carmelo as a scapegoat. All of you who blame Carmelo need to know this. Carmelo has done nothing but defend D'Antoni and try his best to fit into this whacky retarded system, and all D'Antoni has done is play behind the scenes games and thrown Carmelo to the wolves in press conferences. Please defend Carmelo. Mile D'Antoni MUST be fired.