That's why nobody never wants to play here!
When everything is going great with our players, ya'll praise them but as soon as things go bad everyone is ready for Stat or Melo to get traded.

Stat and Melo didn't have to come to New York, this is why other teams have better fans because they fans are with them through thick and thin and in New York its off with your head as soon we lose 2 games in a row.

Wake up its the coach not the players!
Please have some damn loyalty and support our players and this team, you don't they want to bring a championship to NY!

If it wasn't for Stat starting things off we wouldn't even have the roster that we have now. With this roster we can win it all but not with this coach and the fans turning on the players, booing them, wanting them to be traded, writing them disrespectful messages on twitter isn't helping it's just a reflection on how horrible the fans are. No Loyalty!