We all knew that MDA was'nt coming back after this season b/c his teams just did'nt do all that good since he been here.Im sick and tired of reading on here that its not melo's fault or he deserves a pass on this.Come on guys we all have watched him and he has done nothing since coming here.I see know why Karl wanted him traded him from the nuggets.The guy just isn't a team player that wants to shoot all the time and does'nt want to play defense.

Now he started getting into it with the knicks coachs and moping like a 12 year old b/c the ball does'nt go threw him.He is mad b/c he isn't the star/the man on the team.I think what really made him mad was when he was out and the knicks played as a team and started playing winning basketball.That right there speaks volumes about what this team is capable of doing WITHOUT Melo.The Denver nuggets are laying back laughing their butts off b/c they know they won clearly in the trade.

Well if you liked watching AI and the 76ers play with AI shooting everytime he touchs the ball then you will probably love watching the knicks from here on out.We won't win much but it will be exciting if you like that kind of play from your team.