After lastseason sweep in the first round, the hiring of Mike Woodson in August....
I thought we wouldve had Mike Woodson as headcoach by January.

Its a DAMN shame we waited so long 18-24.....the damn NBA analyst/commentators/writers
forever justifying for Dantoni for 4 seasons are the ones who kept Dantoni's Knicks job,
because Dantoni coaching didnt.......

Tanking two seasons, then in Dantoni's 3rd season he ran Stat knees for 38+ minutes
in every game the first half of season....the 2nd half of the season Stat became
aghausted/fatique/and tired after playing 25 minutes in a game.

When u do the was Dantoni coaching that force Dolan to pull the Melo trade....
Mozgov & AR being DNP untill February, Turiaf being injury prone, and both Gallo & W.Chandler
were out for two weeks with injury at seperate times.