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After lastseason sweep in the first round, the hiring of Mike Woodson in August....
I thought we wouldve had Mike Woodson as headcoach by January.

Its a DAMN shame we waited so long 18-24.....the damn NBA analyst/commentators/writers
forever justifying for Dantoni for 4 seasons are the ones who kept Dantoni's Knicks job,
because Dantoni coaching didnt.......

Tanking two seasons, then in Dantoni's 3rd season he ran Stat knees for 38+ minutes
in every game the first half of season....the 2nd half of the season Stat became
aghausted/fatique/and tired after playing 25 minutes in a game.

When u do the math....it was Dantoni coaching that force Dolan to pull the Melo trade....
Mozgov & AR being DNP untill February, Turiaf being injury prone, and both Gallo & W.Chandler
were out for two weeks with injury at seperate times.
They won't want to hear the truth but yeah this is the truth. Also as a side effect will teams take the knicks more serious? I've always felt that other coaches didn't take D'antoni serious and that trickled down to the players who use to come in here and score career high numbers.