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    Default Nets offering a 1st round pick to anyone who will take Johan Petro's contract

    The Nets need to get under the cap so that they can keep their cap in 2012, so they are desperate to unload Johan Petro (4.2 million on the last year of his contract next year) at any costs.

    They are offering the Rockets 1st room pick to whoever takes him.

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    Now why don't we trade Bill Walker and Mike Bibby for him? Those are two expirings we don't need and in return we get a defensive rebounding veteran big off the bench and we get a first round possible lottery pick! Sounds like a no brainer to me!

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    I don't know our cap situation properly but with Baron Davis, Fields, Lin and possibly JR Smith expiring I don't think we'll be wanting to add to that.

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    Do not want petro, we can sign a backup pf/c through free agency for vet min, this is going to be a deep free agency.

    I know we get a first round pick back but, petro would be taking up $4.25 mill of our cap and he is no where near worth 4.25 mill & remeber we still have to resign Lin & Landry fields both will be free agents. Im not the brightest on how our cap space is looking i really dont pay attention to that stuff but im pretty sure Petro will be eating into the cap and someone can correct me if im wrong here.

    we have our defensive juggernaut PF/C with Jeffries, plus jeffries can guard perimeter players, we have Jerome who still needs to develop, we also have jorts if we can sign a vet Center in FA for Vet min that would be the better way to go then we can have jeffries as Amare's backup and have (Vet min Center) as Chandlers backup, this leaves us with more room to operate. If we take on petro's contract most likely were fuxed.

    I think it would be wise if we can try and trade TD/Walker for late second rounders or try and get involved in some active trades maybe a 3 team trade to get rid of td/walker and receive someone useful back.

    We definitely need to resign Lin, Novak, Fields, Jeffries, maybe Baron if he is willing to come back for vet min...i think JR Smith will be gone but we need to lock those others up.

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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    I really want Melo & JR to get injured and miss 10 or more games

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    All we have to offer is ONE mid level exception. Maybe we also have the bi-annual exception. Going further (jus a bit) over the cap doesn't change that. We have to choose wether we give the mid level to Lin, Davis or JR Smith and try to re-sign the rest of the bench for 120% of the vet's min., which is what they are making now. Fields can be offered the early bird which is like 5 million or w/e. Enough to keep him if we want.
    Toney Douglas is under contract for next season, along with the Big 3, Shump and Harrelson.

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