Mike Woodson's first real handle of the reins.

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A look at the Pacers

As you can see in the picture above, the Pacers do not have a definitive aspect to their game that really sets them apart from their opponents.

The reason behind their uncanny winning season is effort, hustle and desire.

They defend, they run, they get back and, most of all, they are hungry.

In order to gain at least one victory out of 2 consecutive contests, the Knicks MUST match that desire.

These 2 games will set a mark for the rest of the season, IMO. Especially if we drop the first game, I would be very intrigued as to how we react in the following game if that occurs.

A more in depth look at the Pacers of late

Pacers' coach Vogel has tweaked his bench rotations, keeping either West or Granger -- sometimes both -- on the floor with the reserves, and it has worked wonders for the Pacers. The second unit got them back in the game with a 16-7 run in the second quarter against Philadelphia on Wednesday, and stretched the lead from one to 13 in the minutes bridging the third and fourth periods.


In consecutive victories over Portland and Philadelphia, Indiana has gotten 91 points from its second unit, including 47 tonight. ... Hill and Hansbrough, who scored 14, combined to make 13 of 19 shots. ... Indiana forwards Granger and West combined to shot 16 of 25.

Key to Victory.

● The front court. Melo, STAT and Tyson. Will we see Melo on the block? Establishing an inside - outside game for this team has been something I, and others, have been yearning for. Will Coach Woodson implement it? I believe Lin's game would benefit from good interior passing.

● We need the bench to come out gunning. Our propensity to let leads balloon rather than be cut down will be under surveillance as always, and we need the bench to score and exert energy from the get go.

Indiana's impressive win over the 76ers.

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Iman "Pistol Grip Pump" Shumpert

He's been a defensive revelation in the back-court. As I believe that this will be a battle of the benches, I think Shump's defensive presence is pivotal to keeping the Knicks in the game.

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