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2 things.

1. he dropped 38 on the Lakers and showed up big against the Mavs, and even though he might not have those types of games due to gameplanning against him, he still showed his high skill level.

2. I feel like he's being more responsible with the ball lately. Could be Woodson, might not but either ways he's not turning the ball over as much as he used to.
I think the reason he isnt turning the ball over as much is because the help he is receiving from his teammates. Just look the the last few minutes of pacers games. Melo waved Lin off and drbbled out of the backcourt, as if he was saying to Lin, "you looked tired, just relax a bit and let me take some of the load off you." And others were coming out to meet the ball more quickly when he ran into traps or being double-teamed.

Give partial credit to Woodson and teammates for this one!