Currently, MIL-NYK are tied for the 8th seed. There's 23 games left, & both teams trail both BOS-ATL by 5 games (on the loss side). Unless either the Celtics & Hawks falter, or either the Bucks or Knicks get red hot & run off something like 18-5, to close the season... The realistic chances of catching BOS or ATL is slim.

Sure, we can hope NYK get hot & starting rolling... We play BOS once, & ATL twice... B/C our playoff lifespan would drastically increase if NYK creeped into the 6th seed (avoiding CHI & MIA in the 1st round).

Still, right now it's 50/50 if we even make the playoffs.

MIL has 23 games left. They play NY twice in the next 15 games. I think they're 2-0 vs NY so far, so it's imperative NYK win both games and draw a tie. Otherwise the Bucks earn the tiebreaker, and thus we would have to finish 1 game better to procur the 8th seed.

Here's MIL's remaining 23 games:


Here's NYK's remaining 23 games:


I think NOW is the time for NYK. We'll find out what our odds look like the next 7 games. 6-1 would be what i would call for. Indy, TOR, DET & MIL at home. Win all 4 games. @INDY, @PHI, @TOR. Go 2-1. I'll set 5-2 as par, & anything left is bad, & might spell doom.

We can only hope ORL deals Howard today. We play ORL twice. After the next 7 games we have a tough 11 game stretch. Say Dwight stays in ORL. We split those 2 games. We'll be lucky to plit the 2 CHI games. Same w/ the MIA-BOS games. That's 3-3 right there. CLE always plays us tough, but we better win that game, along w/ the game in MIL & home vs WAS. 3-0 is imperative. Then there the 3rd INDY game. Actually, 3 of the next 11 games are vs INDY (2 in INDY). 2-1 is what we should expect. In other words, 6-4 in this stretch of 10 is what we should expect.

5-2 plus 6-4 gets us to 11-6. We're 19-24 now. If we go 11-6, that puts us at 30-30 as we enter the final 6-game stretch to close the season.

We can win all 6. @NJ, @CLE, @ATL, LAC, @CHA. 5-1 is par here.

30-30 plus 5-1 puts NYK at 35-31. Is this enough to make the playoffs?

I doubt 35-31 gets us to the 6th seed. ATL schedule isn't terribly bad, so all they need to do is go 12-11. BOS has the toughest schedule of the 6-9 teams in the East. They have 24 games left. They would need to go 13-11. It's possible we could catch BOS, & even best MIL to the finish line... But I don't see us moving up to 6... I do think we'll make the playoffs though.

Rather face Bulls or Heat?