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We need to concentrate on getting back to 500 at least before we start these high expectations. If Philly goes on a slump and we are able to extend the Win streak to 6 and put us back at 500 i think we can take over the division if not.... i think we will finish the 7th seed. Philly schedule is not the tough they handled business early in the season which we failed to do so anything can happen it'll be interesting to see how it all finishes out
At this point the playoffs aren't a lock but I agree we can catch Philly. They're only 4.5 ahead of us (they will beat the Bobcats tonight). We get the 4th seed since the division leaders must be in the top four spots and it will get us home court in the first round against the Pacers or Hawks.

Wednesday's game against Philly is huge if we wanna catch them instead of the having the 7th or 8th seed.