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I dunno about Wallace. He's inconsistent in POR but he can put up beast performances pretty regularly and POR have been terrible this year. Plus they had PGs with no clue how to run the offense. Alongside D-Will and some decent bigs I think Wallace will shine. They needed to do something to appease D-Will.

You think the Spurs won by acquiring Stephen Jackson? I guess Jefferson sucks but Jackson is pretty washed up by this point. I think GSW won with this trade as they had no need for Jackson (they have Klay) and their SF spot has no depth.

Plus obviously Orlando won big time and Nets lost big time over D12.
I forgot about the Pacers and yeah I guess its winning because barbosa would be better than anyone they could of likely have gotten with a second round pick. However he is likely a rental. On another note of course the pacers add a dude who gave the knicks trouble but who knows maybe these new knicks can slow him down.

As for Stephen Jackson I look at it like this. He was part of a championship team for the Spurs before and knows they're system. A team like the Spurs are made up of talented veterans who can play Pop's system. Jefferson was never able to play well in Pop's system and he failed defensively most nights. So its at worse a wash trade wise. As for RJ he is just another defensively challenged player on the warriors. Also RJ's deal is a year longer than Captain Jack.