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Good point! I had that wonder too.
I'd say MDA did the right thing to stick with the "working system". The problem was, he didn't have the power to change Melo's mind. And that should be done. So it was bound to happen (MDA's leaving).

I can only say, his sacrifice is worth it. And meant to be. Whatever it takes to bring the players together. Whatever it takes to give Melo time, space, and excuse to adjust to the fact that there's a rising star in the Knicks.

Melo is shooting .400 for the season. If he shoots less than 50% tonight (which he will certainly do), he will be under 40% for the year. He still took the most shots on the team (5-15 last night). To his credit, he is finally playing D and hustle at the other end of the court. The last 4 games are all blow outs. He can miss as much shot as he want and wouldn't affect the game. If the last 4 games are very close game, his poor shooting will hurt the team and he will hear it from the fans again.
I hope Melo knows this is not his year and stop forcing up shots or trying to be the man. This is not his team.