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I don't think it's too late I just think it would take too much time and you wouldn't see him really be consistently effective with his back to the basket in the low post till like mid next year.

It's not like there's a time table on when you can learn post moves he's just gotta get used to the feel of having his back to his defender and develop good footwork and pump fakes. I'm hoping he visits Hakeem over the Summer but as for this year I expect him to be pretty clumsy down low and just do turn around jumpers and fast drop steps or baby hooks nothing to serious.
If Stat can be 1/10th of the player Hakeem was, he'd beast over all the PFs today. Realistically, even with hard work, Stat will not have the footwork needed to be an elite low post player.

Why can't we just leave Stat alone? He was a great offensive player when he was in Phoenix. Wasn't that the reason Knicks gave him this ridiculous contract?