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What other teams have the cap space to land Deron? I have a funny feeling he'll be back in a nets uni next year. I think he'll back into a deal, but if I'm correct there aren't any teams with cap space for a max contract that would be much better options for him. If the nets can sign and trade him into draft pick or players i think they are ok going forward. I don't get the humphries hate on this thread, hes been outstanding all year. Stat padding... maybe... but he is no joke. If lopez is ever healthy, he and kris are perfect complements.
Well I think the Mavericks do? Since everyone is throwing their name around.

Humphries is a decent player but I wouldn't say he's outstanding. Have you ever seen him hit a big shot? Like seriously? I've never ever heard Humphries name for any reason other than oh he got another double double tonight. Well great David Lee got double doubles every night for two years, fat lot of good it did for us!

Lopez and Humphries being perfect compliments? No way! Lopez even without injury is a tragic example of a big. And Humphries is barely a presence in the paint either. It would be the softest pairing of 7 footers since Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph.